Plate Manufacturing
Plate Manufacturing

Single strip cutter machine

Single strip cutter machines are built for single cut of plate with variable thicknesses depending on the model. The cut is made by single blade with high precision on the width and adjustable by the use of a wheel, which gives this family an excellent versatility of use.
Each model of the family of single strip cutter machine is built according to "CE" standards, with high quality materials and components, such as the hardened worktop, widia strip guide, the blades holder block made from solid and lifelong lubrication of all moving parts. All these features give reliability and duration without comparison. The entire range is available in Industry 4.0 ready!!

Rolling mills

The rolling mills are machines designed for the processing of wire and strip, which through a crushing process allow to realize semi-finished products with high precision in the thickness suitable for the realization of various types of chain. The deformation is made with certified quality Widia cylinders with a timed oil lubrication system with collection and water cooling. The processing speed is electronically adjustable up to 30 m/ 1' and there are an input decoiler and an output coiler with a digital precision step by step. The rolling mill family offers different models depending on the type of processing desired, strip-strip, wire-wire, strip-wire.

Tube forming machines

The tube forming machines, starting from a metal sheet, allow to realize tubes of various profiles and sizes, perfectly welded thanks to the electronic TIG welding machine with current visualization display equipped on board the machine. Each machine is equipped with a steel structure with a base obtained from solid and with special registers placed on the upper wheels that act as regulators for the thicknesses.
All supports rotate on rolling bearings and the working speed is adjustable thanks to the electronic variable speed drive.

Industria 4.0
The entire range is available in
Industry 4.0 ready versions!