Polishing machine

The polishing machine are designed to polish and grind precious objects. These machines are equipped with two workstations with separate aspiration inlets: this allows to work two different materials without mixing the brushed-off dusts. The machine has a filtering area of 6.5 square meters and the outlet of the aspirator is provided with a silencer with an absolute filter for the air recirculation in the environment.
The 2PD-AP model, designed with an internal compressed air tank, allows the automatic cleaning of the filtering bag thanks to a powerful automated blow, keeping them clean and free without manual operator intervention.

Rotating dumping dryers

Rotating dumping dryers are machines specifically designed for particular hollow components difficult to dry using standard systems.

The elements to be dried are placed into a stainless-steel basket with corn sawdust, heated through electric resistance in air or in oil-bath, depending on the model.

The basket is slowly rotated by the motor, so as to allow the particular hollow or boxed pieces to expel the internal water. Subsequently, after drying, through the dumping system the contents of the basket are quickly discharged on a special container with screen.

Industria 4.0
The entire range is available in
Industry 4.0 ready versions!