Wire Manufacturing

Multiple wire drawing machines

Multiple wire drawing machines

Multiple passages wire drawing machines are built for the process of multiple passage drawing of large and capillary wires. Each model is equipped with a special particularly effective clutch that allows an optimal regulation of the tension of the wire to avoid breakage and to ensure a constant drawing that takes place with forced lubrication on the dies and on the traction coiler. The pedal control, useful for the insertion of the dies, and the double speed can be selected from the control panel. There is also a roller prober to detect any breakage of the wire during the processing.

Each model of multiple wire drawing machine is available in the version with the coil winder of the wire output: this allows to wrap it automatically on the reel.
In the case of capillary wire, to wrap it on reel, can be used the appropriate coil winder with linear entry of the wire. An improved electronic adjustment system with digital display allows to obtain the most suitable coil winder for any type of wire. Constant thread tension adjustable and regulator of the spacing pitch.

Each type of multiple dies can be made in "V" version fast.

Industria 4.0
The entire range is available in
Industry 4.0 ready versions!

Options Available

Industrial Touchscreen 10’’ (Industry 4.0 Ready)

10 "industrial touchscreen interface + PLC that allows you to control and command the machine with the possibility of interconnecting to the company network to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0

Electronic variation of speed

Possibility of electronically changing the drawing speed through potentiometer or touchscreen

Pre-setting revolutions counter

Accessory that allows to count the wire drawn

Mesh filter

Accessory that allows the filtration for cooling liquid

Tungsten carbide driving coiler

Treated driving coiler to ensure an improved and durable surface

End-of-wire sensor

Accessory that interrupts the work in case of end-of-wire condition

Dies and tempered bars

We have the full range of high-quality dies, tempered and floating bids

Model Range

Each model of the multiple drawing machines family is built according to "CE" standards, with first choice materials and components that give a reliability and durability over time without comparison.

The entire range is available in Industry 4.0 ready versions!!



Max. Input diameter 

Min. Output diameter

Max. drawing speed





2 mm

0,15 mm

62 m/1’


4 Kw



5 mm

0,15 mm

100 m/1’


11 Kw



2,5 mm

0,15 mm

110 m/1’


7,5 Kw



0,3 mm

0,05 mm

550 m/1’


4 Kw