Tube Manufacturing
Tube Manufacturing

Tube forming machines

The tube forming machines, starting from a metal sheet, allow to realize tubes of various profiles and sizes, perfectly welded thanks to the electronic TIG welding machine with current visualization display equipped on board the machine. Each machine is equipped with a steel structure with a base obtained from solid and with special registers placed on the upper wheels that act as regulators for the thicknesses.
All supports rotate on rolling bearings and the working speed is adjustable thanks to the electronic variable speed drive.

Chain wire-drawing machines

Chain wire-drawing machines are designed for medium and heavy drawing depending on the model. They are equipped with a special amortized carriage, with hydraulic closing system and automatic return with the possibility of release at intermediate strokes with safety. The tempered steel clamp mounted on the carriage allow a solid and safe locking and thanks to the self-centering opening the clamping operation will be simple and precise
The worktop is height-adjustable and the dies can be constantly lubricated with a recirculation system. The traction unit is composed of an oil bath gear reducer and a three-phase asynchronous vector motor that guarantee reduced maintenance to simple level controls.

Winding machines

The winding machines for tube and spiral in continuous, are designed for the production of tube starting from plate strips. The machine is equipped with a mechanical intermittent stop spindle with adjustable rotation by wheel from 40 to 500 revolutions per minute and equipped with a carriage with idle movement on bearings on which the various equipments are mounted. The variety of profiles of anchored pin and threaded pin allows a wide variety of tube types obtainable from the processing. The machine is also available in manual version.

Hydraulic wire-drawing machines

Hydraulic drawing machine are characterized by a great drawing force, suitable for large tubes for the production of rings and bracelets. The speed can be adjusted independently of the drawing force and is controlled by a compensated 3-way flow regulator. The return of the carriage is constant and independent of the drawing speed. The pre-closing force of the clamp which develops radially on the tube is adjustable from 100 to 2100 Kgf through the screw of the maximum pressure valve placed on the tank cover. In addition, the limit switches are adjustable to be able to draw tubes of greater lengths.
The solid structure of the machine and the tube drawing system allow the realization of extremely straight tubes, ready for further processing to numerical control machines.

Tube straightening machine

Tube straightening machines are designed to straighten gold or silver tubes and related alloys with a final tolerance of 0,3/0,5 mm per meter. The complex of machine parts is mounted on a solid steel structure, consisting of a base and cover connected with columns and tie rods to give the machine maximum rigidity. The four pairs of rollers are aligned on the vertical axis and in order to ensure that their position is maintained, a mechanical locking system with lever control is applied on each of them. Angular and vertical adjustments are made manually by the use of special wheels with analogue gravitational indicators. The machine is also equipped with an entry guide plate with height-adjustable polyurethane bushing and an outlet counter-bench to support the tube.

Tube Sharpener

The tube sharpener machines are designed for the creation of tips on large diameter pipes, to be then inserted into the wire-drawing plates. The machine has a pressing power of 150 tons and is supplied with the practical dispenser for matrices and the quick change tool.

Circular sawing machine

Circular saws are machines suitable for heavy use in goldsmiths and for cutting solid tubes and plates of different shapes and materials, which thanks to their supports on roller bearings, allow you to cut hard materials. The sawing machine is mounted inside a metal tank, protected by a Plexiglas screen and equipped with a rectified and tilting table, designed specifically to facilitate the replacement of blades. The cutting speed can be adjusted according to the model: with mechanical variable-speed drive or with pulleys. The SCL model is equipped with a lubrication and refrigeration system that allows the tool to maintain its cutting characteristics for longer and to cut the workpiece more precisely and uniformly.

Automatic sawing machine

Automatic sawing machine are machines built to cut circular tubes with maximum diameters and thicknesses depending on the model, with precision and constancy in the cut measurement. The tube is blocked by an automatic pneumatic mandrel with three jaws, while the feed is made by a pneumatic pincer with two jaws with a maximum cutting running of 100mm. For the cutting, the machine equips a circular sawing machine made of HSS or tungsten carbide with a maximum diameter of 70mm and a thickness from 0.3 to 0.8 mm and on the mandrel of the sawing machine are mounted precision and high speed oblique bearings. The lubrication is closed circuit and provides for the separation of the big residuals. The machine is equipped with a terminal touchscreen from which you can set all the cutting parameters and adjust the movements of the machine, with the possibility to save, recall and modify them at any time.

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