Ball Manufacturing

Mechanical feed

Mechanical feed

Ball machines are suitably designed and built to obtain a continuous production of balls, starting from tube or strip. The cam system equipped in the machine makes the processing completely automatic and fast to ensures high productivity with unmatched reliability. The machine is equipped with specific registers for the change and the set-up of the tool which make this operation quick and easy. On each point of wear is installed a forced lubrication and there are fixed and mobile protections for the operator’s safety. On these models the feed of the tube or strip is mechanical and is made through the cam system, which makes a step for each beat of the mould.

The ball machine family with mechanical feed includes the FB5 model, for the production of loose balls, the FB5-C model for the production of ball chain strip and elastic ball chain and the FB5-R for the production of ROSARIO chain with balls mounted on the chain with different distances.

Industria 4.0
The entire range is available in
Industry 4.0 ready versions!

Options Available

Industrial Touchscreen 10’’ (Industry 4.0 Ready)

10 "industrial touchscreen interface + PLC that allows you to control and command the machine with the possibility of interconnecting to the company network to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0

Ball moulds

We make high quality moulds for any type of ball, barrel, oval etc.

Balls without hole

In combination with our automatic roller and special moulds we can make balls without hole

Model Range

Each model of the ball machine family is built according to "CE" standards, with first choice materials and components that give a reliability and durability over time without comparison.

The entire range is available in Industry 4.0 ready versions!!



Balls Min. Diam.

Balls Max. Diam

Strip thikness

Strip Width



Loose balls

1,5 mm – fori 0,5-0,8

6 mm – fori 1-2

0,15 – 0,38 mm

4,70 - 17,5 mm



Ball chain

Chain 1,5 mm

Chain 5 mm




Rosario loose ball chain

Chain 1,8 mm

Balls 1,5 mm

Chain 5 mm

Balls 6 mm

0,15 – 0,38 mm

4,70 - 17,5 mm