Wire Manufacturing

Winding machines

Winding machines

The winding machines for tube and spiral in continuous, are designed for the production of tube starting from plate strips. The machine is equipped with a mechanical intermittent stop spindle with adjustable rotation by wheel from 40 to 500 revolutions per minute and equipped with a carriage with idle movement on bearings on which the various equipments are mounted. The variety of profiles of anchored pin and threaded pin allows a wide variety of tube types obtainable from the processing. The machine is also available in manual version.

Industria 4.0
The entire range is available in
Industry 4.0 ready versions!

Options Available

Industrial Touchscreen 10’’ (Industry 4.0 Ready)

10 "industrial touchscreen interface + PLC that allows you to control and command the machine with the possibility of interconnecting to the company network to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0

Start pedal

Accessory that allows to start the cutting cycle automatically or by pedal

Various equipment for spirals

Variety of spiral equipment for wire and tube

Model Range

Each model of the winding machines family is built according to "CE" standards, with first choice materials and components that give a reliability and durability over time without comparison.

The entire range is available in Industry 4.0 ready versions!!



Winding Max. Diam.




70 mm Round  – 50x60 Oval

2,4 Kw



70 mm Round – 50x60 Oval

0,75 Kw