Wire Manufacturing
Wire Manufacturing

Rolling mills

The rolling mills are machines designed for the processing of wire and strip, which through a crushing process allow to realize semi-finished products with high precision in the thickness suitable for the realization of various types of chain. The deformation is made with certified quality Widia cylinders with a timed oil lubrication system with collection and water cooling. The processing speed is electronically adjustable up to 30 m/ 1' and there are an input decoiler and an output coiler with a digital precision step by step. The rolling mill family offers different models depending on the type of processing desired, strip-strip, wire-wire, strip-wire.

Multiple wire drawing machines BULL BLOCK

The wire drawing machine of the Bull Block family are machines built for drawing both ogive tube and for the first drawing of the large wire, whether it comes directly from the rolling mill or from the continuous casting furnace. This process allows the wire to reach optimal diameters in order to be further worked by the other multiple wire drawing machines. Each model works with forced lubrication on the wire drawing and with a pneumatic plastic pressure roller to contain the wire, also to ensure maximum safety, the machines are equipped with micro-switches on the coil-holder and on the work surface.

Multiple wire drawing machines

Multiple passages wire drawing machines are built for the process of multiple passage drawing of large and capillary wires. Each model is equipped with a special particularly effective clutch that allows an optimal regulation of the tension of the wire to avoid breakage and to ensure a constant drawing that takes place with forced lubrication on the dies and on the traction coiler. The pedal control, useful for the insertion of the dies, and the double speed can be selected from the control panel. There is also a roller prober to detect any breakage of the wire during the processing.

Each model of multiple wire drawing machine is available in the version with the coil winder of the wire output: this allows to wrap it automatically on the reel.
In the case of capillary wire, to wrap it on reel, can be used the appropriate coil winder with linear entry of the wire. An improved electronic adjustment system with digital display allows to obtain the most suitable coil winder for any type of wire. Constant thread tension adjustable and regulator of the spacing pitch.

Each type of multiple dies can be made in "V" version fast.

Chain wire-drawing machines

Chain wire-drawing machines are designed for medium and heavy drawing depending on the model. They are equipped with a special amortized carriage, with hydraulic closing system and automatic return with the possibility of release at intermediate strokes with safety. The tempered steel clamp mounted on the carriage allow a solid and safe locking and thanks to the self-centering opening the clamping operation will be simple and precise
The worktop is height-adjustable and the dies can be constantly lubricated with a recirculation system. The traction unit is composed of an oil bath gear reducer and a three-phase asynchronous vector motor that guarantee reduced maintenance to simple level controls.

Electronic Spooling machine

Electronic spooling machines are designed to automate the winding phase of the wire on coils. This process can be carried out directly from the drawing machine or in a separate phase, to feed the automatic chain-making machines continuously.

The machine is equipped with a plastic decoiler with a sensor that detects any blocking of the coil during the work phase. The base, mounted on lockable wheels, allows the machine to be moved easily according to the needs, and the transparent casing protects the moving parts while ensuring a complete view of the work cycle.

To ensure maximum versatility, the machine allows to adjust: rotation speed of the coil, maximum torque of the wire and pitch from 0 to 8 mm/ revolution.

The BE-RGF version designed for the winding of the “aggraffato” wire, thanks to the optical system, is able to guide the wire and wrap it in a constant and correct way.

Winding machines

The winding machines for tube and spiral in continuous, are designed for the production of tube starting from plate strips. The machine is equipped with a mechanical intermittent stop spindle with adjustable rotation by wheel from 40 to 500 revolutions per minute and equipped with a carriage with idle movement on bearings on which the various equipments are mounted. The variety of profiles of anchored pin and threaded pin allows a wide variety of tube types obtainable from the processing. The machine is also available in manual version.

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