Rotating dumping dryers

Rotating dumping dryers

Rotating dumping dryers are machines specifically designed for particular hollow components difficult to dry using standard systems.

The elements to be dried are placed into a stainless-steel basket with corn sawdust, heated through electric resistance in air or in oil-bath, depending on the model.

The basket is slowly rotated by the motor, so as to allow the particular hollow or boxed pieces to expel the internal water. Subsequently, after drying, through the dumping system the contents of the basket are quickly discharged on a special container with screen.

Industria 4.0
The entire range is available in
Industry 4.0 ready versions!

Options Available

Industrial Touchscreen 10’’ (Industry 4.0 Ready)

10 "industrial touchscreen interface + PLC that allows you to control and command the machine with the possibility of interconnecting to the company network to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0

Electronic variation of speed

Possibility of electronically changing the rotation speed through potentiometer or touchscreen

Timer Cycle

Accessory that allows to time the duration of the work cycle

Daily/ Weekly Timer

Accessory that allows to organize the operation of the machine

Model Range

Each model of the dryer family is built according to "CE" standards, with first choice materials and components that give a reliability and durability over time without comparison.

The entire range is available in Industry 4.0 ready versions!!




AR 90-B


1,5 Kw



5 Kw